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Tannerite 10 lb / 20 Shot Gift Pack – 20 Count

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Get the same effect as standard rifle targets but with minimum noise.

Gift Pack includes:

  • 10 lbs Tannerite Mix
  • 20 Target Pouches – 1/2lb targets
  • Catalyst
  • Tannerite® Thermal Tumbler

Important Safety Information for Tannerite

  • Treat all binary targets with respect. Misuse of binary targets could result in serious injuries or death
  • To ensure a homogeneous composition, be sure to use the mixing container that’s included with every Tannerite® brand binary rifle target purchase and shake well to achieve uniform mixing
  • Place ¼, ½, and 1 lb targets down range at least 100 yards before shooting. Place 2 lb targets 200 yards down range before shooting.
  • We recommend elevating the target above the ground to reduce the amount of flying debris
  • Remember that the legal use of these targets is as a shot indicator only
  • Mix the targets at the range and shoot them immediately. Do not transport, store, or sell the mixed composition unless you have the appropriate explosives endorsements
  • Always wear ear and eye protection
  • Be sure to use in a remote area only and respect the adjoining property owner’s right to tranquility
  • Do not use target in locations where a general fire order is in effect and do not use target near combustible materials
  • As always, respect local noise ordinances and always use Tannerite® Brand Binary Rifle Targets as directed by the manufacturer
  • Please store at room temperature in a dry location
  • Never place these targets inside, on top of, or under any metal, rock, or other surfaces that could produce flying debris or sparks, or within another object.  This is dangerous and constitutes improper use of the product.

Attention: Some counties in the State of California may require an explosive or destructive device permit for use of binary rifle targets. The purchaser of a Tannerite Brand Binary Rifle target kit should inquire with local county sheriff’s department about the need for a permit prior to use.

Additional information

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1/2 lb