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REAL AVID AR-15 Armorer’s Master Kit – Gray


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The Armorer’s Master Kit – AR15 is a complete toolset designed to facilitate the building, repair or customization of an AR15 firearm. This kit includes detailed Gun DIY® Instructions that guide users through the top 18 modifications for this specific model. The components within this kit include an Armorer’s Master Wrench®, Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block™ – AR15, Smart-Fit® AR15 Vise Block and more – all stored in a professional-grade tool case.

Each tool in the Armorer’s Master Kit – AR15 has been carefully crafted with high-quality materials and precision tolerances to ensure optimal performance during use. For example, the Armorer’s Master Wrench features an ergonomic design that fits both your hand and gun precisely while providing strength and precision fitment on stubborn barrel nuts, castle nuts, muzzle brakes or fixed stock receiver extensions. It also boasts industry-first torque wrench attachment location optimally positioned to deliver consistent torque across all nuts.

The Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block™ – AR15 provides a safe way to secure an AR15 upper into a bench vise with its precision machined fitting into all Mil-Spec uppers. It mates perfectly with barrel extensions allowing rotation of the upper for work on different sides; two vise pins facilitate holding at multiple working angles while a locking knob keeps it seated securely into barrel extensions.

Included in the kit is also the Smart-Fit AR15 Vise Block which adjusts for tight fit in any AR15 magwell providing stable foundation when working on lowers making loose-fitting blocks obsolete. Simply insert it into the magwell, twist knob until tight then place in bench vise. This versatile tool can be used for installing pistol grips as well as cleaning bore & chambers hassle-free using included Pivot Lock.

Other essential tools provided by this comprehensive set include:

The Easy-Grip™ Handguard Removal Tool designed for effortless removal of handguards. Its design allows it to fit into the magwell, providing leverage while its handles ensure comfortable operation during handguard removal. The AR15 Pivot Pin Tool which simplifies what could otherwise be a frustrating task – installing a pivot pin. With this tool at your disposal, aligning the pivot pin becomes easy; insert spring and detent pin then slide pivot pin into place effortlessly. An extensive Pin Punch Set that comprises all necessary sizes from 1/16″ roll pin up to 5/32″, along with staking punch and bolt catch roll pin starter & punch among others.

All these tools are housed in a professional tool case that not only keeps them organized but also ensures their longevity by protecting them from potential damage. The kit also includes detailed step-by-step instructions to guide you through the top 18 AR15 modifications – making it an invaluable resource regardless of your experience level.

Real Avid’s Armorer’s Master Kit – AR15 goes beyond providing just the basic tools needed for building or modifying an AR15. It offers superior quality Master Grade® tools designed with better tolerances, materials and expanded capabilities to make each job as simple and easy to execute as possible. Whether you’re building your own gun from scratch or customizing an existing one, this comprehensive kit equips you with everything necessary to do so confidently.

Master the art of AR15 assembly and customization with the Armorer’s Master Kit® – AR15

• Comprehensive set of Master Grade® tools designed specifically for AR15 assembly and customization.
• Features specialized tools such as Armorer’s Master Wrench®, Lug-Lok Upper Vise Block™ – AR15, Smart-Fit® AR15 Vise Block and more.
• Each tool is meticulously crafted with superior materials and precision tolerances ensuring ease of use and effectiveness in every task.
• The kit provides all necessary resources to build a gun from scratch or customize an existing one regardless of experience level.
• Housed in a professional-grade tool case for easy storage and transportability.
• Includes DIY Manual with step-by-step detailed instructions for the top 18 AR15 modifications.
• Provides knowledge needed to install or uninstall various parts like magazine release, bolt catch, safety selector, etc.
• Tools are designed with better tolerances, materials & expanded capability making each job simple & easy to execute.
• Ideal tool kit for any gun enthusiast looking to build or modify their AR15 confidently.

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