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Walther is a German firearms manufacturer that was founded in 1886. The company is known for producing high-quality, reliable, and innovative firearms for civilian, law enforcement, and military use. Walther is particularly well-known for their line of handguns, which include the classic Walther P38, used by the German military in WWII, and the Walther P99 and PPQ, which are popular among law enforcement and civilian shooters. Walther also produces a line of sport and competition firearms, including the Walther GSP and the Walther LP400, which are used in target shooting competitions. The company is also known for its cutting-edge designs and technology, such as the use of polymers in their firearms and the development of advanced trigger systems, like the Quick Action and the Safe Action. Walther’s products are widely used and respected by shooters, law enforcement and military around the world.

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