Chip McCormick Custom (CMC)

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Since our founding in 1986, Chip McCormick Custom has been the manufacturer of the World Famous Chip McCormick Shooting Star 1911 pistol magazines. Now owned by champion shooter and firearms industry legend Bill Wilson, the goal of Chip McCormick Custom products is to be the preferred source of high quality and innovative practical firearms accessories for shooters of all skill levels.

All Power Mag™ Series and Match Grade™ Series mags are designed for extra heavy duty usage and 100% built in the USA on Chip McCormick Custom’s own complete sets of tooling (which is quite rare since almost all other 1911mags are built on the same generic tooling and then re-labeled by dozens of other brands). Chip McCormick Custom’s higher quality and innovative designs are unique. Chip McCormick Custom are held to die controlled tolerances that are 75% tighter than the decades old Military Specifications common among all the generic re-labeled 1911 mags.

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