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A-Zoom is a brand of precision-made, snap-cap dummy rounds used for dry-fire training, function testing, and safely releasing the firing pin on firearms. These are not live rounds, they are used for training and practice, and do not discharge. They are made to exacting standards and are designed to function just like live rounds in terms of weight, size, and feel. The company produces snap-caps for a wide range of popular calibers, including .22 LR, .223 Rem, .308 Win, .45 ACP and many more. They are also used for safely releasing the firing pin on firearms, preventing accidental discharge and reducing wear and tear on firing pins. The company also produces other training products such as aluminum loading and unloading trainers, as well as reloading block. A-Zoom snap-caps are made of aluminum and are said to be more durable than plastic snap-caps, and are also used by some professional shooters as a training aid.

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